The 5 Top Fashion Blogger You Should Check To Get Updated Trends

Top Fashion Blogger You Should Check

Fashion is something that always updated all the time. You never know when things become viral. Sometimes the old items get it’s famous in different use. If you won’t miss the update you must find the right reference source. Be the first who knows the trend by following the fashion blogger. In this article, we let you know which top fashion blogger you should check every day. Because their information is trusted.

By following their blogs, you also get the ideas. The way they view fashion is so incredible and mind-blowing. Perhaps you never imagine that one item could be that awesome. Thus, we list five top fashion blogger you should check. You can get fashion style from their daily look. More than that, they do reviews too for several products. All about fashion references are packed on their blog.

Top Fashion Blogger You Should Check

1. Gabi Gregg

The reason why we put her in the first place because she brings a plus-size woman becomes fashionable. Through her blog “Gabi Fresh”, she sells swimsuits too. Of course, the size is for the “big” one. The design is so amazing, you won’t ever wonder that plus-size women can wear it. Also, you can check her style as your reference there, whether for formal or casual occasions.

2. Kat Farmer

Being old doesn’t mean having any taste. Kat Farmer is a sample of 40’s woman who has unique fashion taste. Don’t be jealous of seeing collections in her wardrobe, moreover, you are the feminine one. She loves to wear floral attire with a nice combination. See her outfit ideas through her blog “Does My Bum Look 40”.

3. Akanksha Redhu

Just like the other traveler, Akanksha Redhu loves to share her trips around the world. But what makes unique is she combines the story with fashion things. For example, she gives tips to mix a bag with certain attire. Or, beauty tips on special occasions. Try to check her Instagram too, then you must automatically follow her.

4. Tami Reed

She is just like Gabi Gregg, who brings a plus-size woman into fashion. But she is more well-known in the media industry. She usually appears in TV shows, so you can check her style there. For a more complete reference, you must follow her blog “Talking with Tami”. Don’t be a doubt about her fashion taste. It is proven by the number of awards, such as from Ford, Disney, K Mart, and many more.

5. Claire Goldsworthy

This is the top fashion blogger you should check like really. She is a founder, also the editor of “The Fashion Advocate” at the same time. Her style is suitable for those who desire a simple style. Sometimes we feel bored with being simple. But seeing her style through her blog, you will be happy to stay simple. Also, she keeps updates about the fashion world. Not only for branded stuff but also things that have a deep value for life.

To get a great fashion reference you might need to follow their social media too. If you only want to see at glance, Instagram is the best place. But the blog is the perfect place to see a complete view. Now let’s visit the top fashion blogger you should check above. Improve your fashion taste through their perspective.