The Best Airport Look for 2019 So Far

Going to the airport to go on a holiday or just heading home still needs to look stylish. The airport look seems to be always interesting whether you are an artist or a normal person. Many people come to the airport with a simple and fashionable style that you can copy. The best airport look for 2019 so far is Hollywood stars such as Bella Hadid and Priyanka Chopra.

Wearing the right clothes and having a good look at an airport is a must. You should spend some of your time before departing to prepare this, why? Well, feeling at the best point will make people comfortable. And when arriving at the destination you won’t need to worry about how you look. So, what does the best airport look for 2019 so far and how are they? Well, look at these styles!

1. Denim Jacket, Jeans & Sneakers

What never goes wrong is a pair for jeans from above to your toe. Jeans will always be the number one comfortable clothing that anyone would like to wear. Therefore, no wonder many people wear jeans at the airport. To comfort up, many people pair it up with a denim jacket and a simple shirt inside. If you want to look simply, just add some sneakers, pull your hair up. Don’t forget your headset and ready to head to the next place.

2.     Jumpsuit & Heels

If the denim jacket is boring but still needs a simple look, wear jumpsuit and combine it some heels. Priyanka Chopra usually uses this kind of look and she looks amazing. Whether the jumpsuit is plain or motif, by just adding some heels to it making it perfect. Let your hair down, wear some glasses and you will be just like her. This must be the best airport look for 2019 so far because it is just stunning.

3.     Sweat Suits and Heeled Boots

One of Rihanna’s look by wearing a sweat suit with heeled boots. This look is a great option especially for those going to a cold place. To comfort your look, wear a turtle neck inside the suit. Therefore, when you are inside the plane you can feel warm without the sweat suit. As for heeled boots, they will comfort and warm the feet. But the same time makes you look stylish as ever.

4.     Rock and Roll Look

Wear a black leather or non-leather jacket, while pairing it up with a skirt can rock up to your look. Karlie Kloss is an actress that proved to make the look perfect. Add a simple shirt for the top and put your hair up with some sunglasses. If you feel a bit slow, wear some sneakers for the shoes. As for those who want to look more feminine, high heels or flat will be enough.

5.     All black

Want a very simple but hot look? Try out Victoria’s look in all black with a pair of high heel boots. Wear a boot that is contrast so that it fills up the look. To look more a bit girly, wear some earing and add a simple necklace. Don’t forget to bring the purse, because it will complete the look.

Now, which best airport look for 2019 so far that you want to try? Don’t forget to adjust to the destination you are going to. Because no one wants to be in the wrong clothing when they are on holiday. So, try some of these looks to make your holiday more perfect.