Romantic Online Games for Couples You Should Try While Dating

Romantic Online Games for Couples You Should Try While Dating

Being intimate is not always be on the bed or starring each other eyes in dinner. Having a laugh and being silly together is one of the ways too. Since the smartphone becomes an issue for several dates, now why don’t you try to use it? Make some fun with your couple by playing the game together. Thus, here we have selected romantic online games for couples. You won’t say “I have no idea” anymore to make an unforgettable moment together.

Romantic Online Games for Couples You Should Try While Dating

Playing these romantic online games for couples makes you know how easy-going he or she is. The more you feel enjoy, it could be they are the right one for you. The games below are not complicated. They are simple and very fun. Try at least one of them for you both. You can find them whether in the Play Store or the Apple Store. Choose which is suitable for you.

1. Romantic Scrabble

Just like the ordinary scrabbles, there is no difference in playing romantic scrabble. Each other has their turn to putting letters become a word. But you can make fun of the punishment. Once you or your partner fail to fill the boxes, you probably should kiss the other. Or, you can make another special rule which feels so romantic. For example, only romantic words are allowed. Scrabble is easy to find for iOs or Android users.

2. Truth or Dare

It is a common game for everyone. Actually, you can play this without the online app. But, the interesting point is you don’t have to think for a long time about the questions. Also, the Truth or Dare Online game has surprising questions you never imagined before. Thus, find this game and install it now. Forget about the serious questions. Just having fun with the punishments.

3. How Well Do You Understand Me?

Now take a pen and a piece of paper to make a note. You and your partner must answer whatever the question is. This game is available in various versions for iOs and Android. There are simple questions about him or her. For example, how many times he/she nail cutting?, what is the most favorite food?, and many others. Give a point for every right answer. Then, don’t forget to make an agreement if one of you is wrong. This game shows how well you know each other.

4. Couple Quiz

This game is different from the previous ones. When you are playing a couple’s quiz, both of you must answer together. Be a good team to fill in every question. There is no one to be a right or wrong answer here. In other words, there will be no punishment too. Just harmony your answer to feeling how united both of you.

5. Kindu

This is the best romantic online games for couples. If you are in a long-distance relationship, then Kindu is a fun game to play. It pairs both of your accounts, so you can answer together. There are various romantic questions to answer. However, to avoid embarrassment, you can set that only the right answer is shown.

Use your creativity to make a romantic moment. It has not to be costly or fancy. Sometimes just sitting together and playing the romantic online games for couples on a smartphone can be a sweet memory too.