Games Without Internet That You Have To Try

games without internet1

Losing internet connection is a very bad condition. Most of you may have the same experience of losing the internet connection when playing a game. Therefore, you must know how bad it was. Many conditions that make we lose the internet connection. All of them are interrupted when we are playing a game especially when we have an important battle. Therefore, you need to install the games without internet?

Interested in installing the games without internet? It will be fun also. You might think that this kind of game is bored and doesn’t have any special thing. Unfortunately, you are wrong. Not all offline games are boring. What you need to do is finding the others. Need some option? Here are the games you should try:

1. Does Not Commute

The first game without the internet is Does Not Commute. This game is a unique game that is different from other games. In this game, you don’t just drive a car but you will drive more than a car which is those cars must be driven until the finish. Commonly, this game is almost the same with the puzzle concept which is you need to find the right way for each car.

After determining the right way, the cars will move suddenly by itself and you need to watch whether they will crash each other or not. Therefore, you need to think first before determining the way. If you choose the wrong way, the cars will crash and you will lose.

2. Rodeo Stampede

The second game without the internet also will be your favorite game there is Rodeo Stampede. This Rodeo Stampede is almost the same with an endless runner game. Thus, you will run along with this game until the finish. But, it is not totally easy as you think. You don’t just run along with the game, but you need to run on the animals. You may not fall to the land and keep on the animal while running. It will be fun, right?

3. Sky Safari 2

Well, when you feel that the game above does not make you interested in them, you need to give your attention to the third games without the internet. The Sky Safari 2 is almost the same as an endless runner game, but in this game, you will not run but, you will having sky. The concept of this game is very unique. You need to sky in order to avoid the snowstorm.

You will also meet with many cute animals such as penguins, wolf, monsters, and many others. Those animals will help you to pass the distraction along the sky. The background of the sky safari 2 is very unique. You will sky along the mountain, snow, and also desert. More you can pass the distraction and get more range, you will get more coins. You may use the coins to upgrade your characters and buy a new sky board.

So, do you like those games? The games without internet above will make you have a fun moment when playing the game without any distraction from the internet connection. Although those games don’t need an internet connection, those games are also fun to be played.