Best Spots At Banff National Park Camping For Your Summer Camping

Banff National Park Camping

Banff National Park camping reaches a peak of it in the summer. Nature will serve you with a beautiful landscape. In the same vein, the mountain and a lot of conifers are waiting for you to see. You can relax with the river rush and chirps of the bird as a back song.

Camping in Banff National park offers you an amazing experience. You can see a lot of stars when the night comes. On the other hand, the day will come with a vivid turquoise lake and wildflowers in many colors.

Banff National Park Camping

Banff National Park camping will be a perfect thing for you who need some air fresh and space from all businesses. We write down a few different campsite spots for your trip so you can feel a different viewpoint in this place.

1. Tunnel Mountain Village 1

Tunnel Mountain Village 1 is close to the Banff town center. This place located in the forested area where the wind cannot enter this place easily. Equipped with shower and fire pits, this area has been one of the most popular campsites. Above all, the views of the mountain are a gorgeous one to see.

2. Tunnel Mountain Village 2

Tunnel Mountain Village 2 is the only campsite that opens in a year-round. This place is fully stocked with electrical equipment. The best thing is this place is there are hot showers you can use.  This campsite can contain 30 tent camping spots for the visitors.

3. Two Jack Main

Two Jack Main are open in June to 2nd of September. This campsite is more primitive than the last two before. But, this campsite can accommodate more tents. If you want to go to Minnewanka Lake, you can drive from this campsite in just a few minutes.

4. Two Jack Lakeside

This place is a small camping area with only 64 sites for tent campers. You will feel how it’s like to wake up with the sounds of birds. Above all, the views on this place are incredible. During the night, you can see a lot of stars above the trees. After that when the sun starts rising, you can see a stunning vies of Mount Rundle in the lake.

5. Castle Mountain

Castle Mountain is open from May 30 to September 6 with only 43 spots for tent campers.  This is the only place in Banff National Park that offered first come first serve. As a result, if you do a sudden Banff National Park camping, this will be the right choice.

6. Lake Louise

Lake Louise has 206 spots for tent campers, opened on May 30 to September 30. Here, you can pitch your tent nearby the lake which is only about 1 kilometer away. But, there is available only one little shop in the village. So, you don’t need to be afraid of a lack of food. Above all, the views near Lake Louise are amazing.

All the campsites in Banff National Park are incredible. There are many you can choose while you want to Banff National Park camping. But remember, Banff National Park is the house of a wild bear. On the other side, this wild nature is the charm of this Canadian national park. So, you should prepare it well before you go.