Attractions In Tenerife Canary Islands For Your Vacation Destinations

attractions in tenerife canary islands

When visiting Spain, you should take the time to visit the Canary Islands. Among the islands, there’s the biggest one called Tenerife. This is that there are many attractions in Tenerife Canary Islands which can be your best choice for vacations.

For most people, Tenerife is mostly known for its Carnaval de Santa Cruz. Thus, you will find many people visiting this place at the time from around the world. Aside from the carnival, we gathered the attractions in Tenerife Canary Islands for you to consider:

attractions in tenerife canary islands

1. Masca

The first attraction that would be perfect for your vacation is visiting Masca. The place started as a place where people tried to hide from pirates. Masca is a picturesque place that you should visit. The problem is that you should come early in the morning before tourists started to swarm the place. Also, if you’re on a budget, don’t eat in the restaurant there because of the high price.

2. Garachico

At the opposite of Masca that formed because as a hiding place from pirates, Garachico is an old town through and through. It has a long history and somehow survived the time and still came out as old as it could be. In this town, you can feel the old town vibe that rare in this modern society. The citizen stopped to say hello and exchange pleasantries one after another – the scene that feels surreal on this day.

3. Teide National Park

If you don’t have time but wish to have the most of Tenerife, then you should come to Mount Teide. Branded as one of the national parks in Spain, you can see almost the whole island from the mountain. Not to mention, while driving up the mountain, the outstanding views would greet you all the way. Then, if you have the opportunity, make sure to wear warm clothes and comfortable shoes!

4. Whale and Dolphin Watch

Located in the Atlantic Ocean, blessed Tenerife as one tourist paradise. Here you can do a whale and dolphin watching at the same time. There are cruise tours that offer three hours of cruising to experience in seeing these two mammals. Also, usually, the tour agent would provide you with hotel pickup and unlimited supply on snacks and drinks.

5. Beaches

It would be illegal to talk about an island without mentioning the beaches. But the problem is, Tenerife has a long coastline with too many beaches. Just tell what kind of beach you wish to visit, from white sand until the black sand or even rocky beaches – Tenerife has all of them. Among the beaches on the island, La Vistas Beach crowned as one of the best because it has all the facilities that tourists might need.

This list would be too short to describe all the attractions in Tenerife Canary Islands. Because this volcano island has too many charms to explore. Just visit the place and discover what hasn’t mentioned in the list above. Thus, you would know that the island is a true natural beauty.