Appropriate Dress Code for Attending A Wake

Attending a wake is a moment that no hopes for and are usually unplanned. But, this is a moment where people will encounter in their lifetime soon or later. Awake isn’t an everyday occurrence; therefore, people are usually unsure about the dress code for attending a wake. Wearing the wrong clothing to awake can cause misunderstanding to the host and other visitors.

For those who don’t know, a wake is a day before the funeral, where visitors come to show their respect. Usually, people who attend are the closest ones with the family, so it is important to be appropriate. Therefore, choosing the right dress code for attending a wake is important to know. Don’t go with the wrong costume to awake, or you’ll be the point of attention. Check out some of these dress codes that are suitable for attending a wake.

1.     Dark Colors

For funerals or wake, people will attend wearing black clothes. This is a normal tradition in almost all countries, to show their loss. Other than black, it is still ok to wear other colors such as red maroon, navy, brown or grey. These colors aren’t bright, and they don’t attract attention.  Other colors are still possible to wear if you mix them up with other dark colors. Remember not to wear too many colorful colors to the wake.  

2.      Simple Look

Put less earring, necklace, and bracelets, when you are planning to attend a wake. Make your look simple with a simple dress and small earing. You won’t need to wear high heels either because it’s just not the place to wear it. Too much sparkling and noise can disturb the process overall, so avoid doing that. If you want to wear accessories, make sure it is simple and doesn’t show off too much.

3.      Tight Clothing

Another rule for dress code for attending a wake is not to wear something too sexy. Show some respect by wearing something more close-body. It doesn’t have to close the whole body, but just make sure it is not to tight. Wearing a loose dress, or long knee dress is an option for women. As for men, black or dark shirts with long pants are enough.

4.      Suit

An example of attire for a wake, for both women and men is suits. Choose a dark color suit and use a shirt inside of it. For the shirt inside, you can wear other colors such as white, grey or blue. For a woman it is ok to wear a simple necklace inside. This simple look is just perfect for a wake.

5.      Long Sleeve Shirt

For a more casual look, people can wear a long sleeve shirt with a dark color. No need to add any accessories to the look. Just pair it up with long pants, sneakers or flat, then you are ready. For man, you can add a tie to make them look more formal.

There aren’t any written rules on dress code for attending a wake. However, what we wear shows our feelings to the family. If we wear too colorful dress, then they can think that we aren’t sad/ no respect. This isn’t an occasion that happens every day, so the least we can do is wear appropriate dress.